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A post-performance installation piece, inspired by mythological arcanum and traditional RPG's.

FINDINGS On Evocation

by. Professor Anna Atherton

We have found the first evidence of religion for this unidentified person, in this overgrown cabin. From what we can translate of the walls there appears to have been a Goddess that was worshiped here by the name of Pardocha. There is evidence of a single person having lived in these quarters. Based upon the contents of the tomb, our team is hypothesizing it was a rather devoted acolyte. This acolyte appeared to spend his time musing over the aspects of morality and cleansing the earth of those who were not pure. Based on what is written upon the walls, it is clear whoever occupied the space was zealous in their faith.


The substance of messages on the walls are fascinating. They translate to musings of the acolyte's devotion. It is possible the zealot was looking to somehow give Pardocha their body as a vessel to live on Earth with the people, or perhaps to fulfill a purging of what they perceived to be corrupted individuals. The further into the transcribing we get, the more examples we find of a period of doubts that plague the Zealot.

Click the player below to hear the sounds that come from within the hutch. We have begun referring to them as "Arcane Echoes." 


We have yet to fully understand The Cradle and what it is they believed it could do. We hypothesize that perhaps it was used to act as what they believed would be a doorway for Pardocha to use to step into our reality. Of course, all of this is up for speculation.

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